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#1212 SOBS.ml xDre4m 1v1 Tournament Brackets

Posted by w0rks on 21 May 2016 - 04:44 PM

Official Brackets
Below are the starting brackets for the upcoming tournament!
The tournament will start at 7p.m. EST and we will start with Aleksmaster vs. MoonShot and go all the way down and do this for every round.
The first three elimination rounds are going to be Bo5, the semi-finals Bo7 and the final Bo10.

If you're a player make sure to contact a mod to know how to connect to the server tournament server.

artwork by Darth Elmo

Tournament Rules

Knife Round for Sides
Players may decide where they want to knife to pick sides, no bhopping allowed.  
Drop Guns Each Round
You have to drop all your weapons at the end of each round.

A plugin now takes care of it!
Number of Rounds
The first three rounds are Bo5, the semi-finals Bo7 and the final Bo10.        
Excessive Delaying DQ
Excessively delaying the games might get you disqualified if considered unsportsmanlike      
AWPs are removed
All the AWPs have been removed for this tournament      
Grenades are disabled
You wont be able to use grenades for this tournament.

They have to be dropped at the end of each round aswell.
A plugin now takes care of it!
Falling Loses Round
Falling to your death will result in a round loss.      
Third Party Programs
Any type of third party program or macro will get you disqualified.    
No advertising
If you want to advertise contact and admin or the owner.    
..as always Have Fun! :)
There's no MLG league yet so take it easy and have fun, and play fairly!
Estimated Schedule

This is just to give an idea do not rely on this, the order will be the same.
If you want to swap you have to talk with the players you want to swap with and make sure they all agree.
The current brackets most likely wont change.
6:30pm: Setup
7:00pm: Aleksmaster vs. Moonshot
7:20pm: Bruce241 vs. professionarwhal
7:40pm: Lucie vs. Mvine
8:00pm: Lourannan vs. XPrm
8:20pm: Droidz vs. Le0
8:40pm: Purple vs. Blueberry
9:00pm: Chocolate Pudding vs. Dank.#^Maymays
9:20pm: X_KiritoXAsuna_X vs. Darth Elmo
9:40pm: Ltamang42 vs. Grunkle Squeaky
10:00pm: Wyvernn vs. JmAR
10:20pm: Gnarly Nachos vs. ^teK
10:40pm: Agload vs. farfeL_
How to Watch?
The whole tournament will be streamed on our twitch channel
https://twitch.tv/sobstv otherwise you can hop on GOTV.
You can request songs to be played on twitch during the games in the twitch chat!
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#105 The Staff

Posted by w0rks on 25 February 2016 - 06:09 PM

The SOBS.ml Team



~ Owner ~



~ Administrator ~



~ Administrator ~



~ Administrator ~



~ Administrator ~





~ Head Moderator ~




West Coast Staff

Moderators ~ Droidz | Bleach | Brenda

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#2972 Introducing Myself

Posted by SteadySmokin on 17 October 2016 - 05:33 AM

Welcome to the forums! :) I hope to see you on the servers!




you may have been hearing my wide variety of girls i have been bringing home 


I have heard you like girls of the wide variety...  :rolleyes:  ;)

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#3478 eXydos xDream resignation

Posted by SteadySmokin on 12 December 2016 - 11:12 PM

Hello, I'm eXydos from the xDream community servers. I played the server for about a month before I applied to be a trail mod because players thought it would be a good idea if I applied.
I'm a Trail Moderator on the server currently and I do not wish to take part in this community's administration.
That is perfectly fine, and doesn't require a post generalizing each staff member's opinion about you, claiming that any opinion formed about you is based on one staff members actions, and attacking the entire community staff as a whole. Your Trial-Mod period is just about up, and in order to not be part of this community's administration all you had to do was nothing.
I'm not going to stay In a community with other moderators who simply do not respect others moderators without any hard reasoning.
I cannot speak for others, but know that my opinion is based on hard reasoning and empirical evidence that I have personally experienced nearly every time I've played on the same server as you. You are, more often than not, a cocky, self-righteous loud-mouth who thinks he is right 100% of the time and refuses to acknowledge criticisms or open his shortcomings up for discussion.
I love the community players and how the server works.
In my experience, you've got a certain few people who you're tight with, and anyone else better show you respect, god forbid they "get on your nerves"
and how the server works.
Is that why we've had multiple instances in which you've gone out of your way to find loopholes in the rules, or manipulate them to your favor? Is that also why, when confronted about your misinterpretation of the rules you've argued, claimed ignorance, said a different staff member told you something else, or flat-out ignored it because 'you're a mod' ?
I dislike how some moderators are very judgmental and not understanding to certain circumstances. I simply do not like how some moderators peer pressure other moderators into not liking someone.
We have a Report a Player, Moderator or Admin forum for just that reason-- or feel free to be mature and talk to them through PM if you don't want to air your dirty laundry in the streets, so to speak...
I personally am not one to have my opinion swayed because someone else told me to feel a certain way-- I base my judgment off of experience.
If you ever played with me on xDream you should know how nice of a guy I am and how I treat others.
I have experience two different sides of you while on my main account (when you know there's a higher power in the server) and while on my alt (when you think you're the un-checked final say in the lobby).  Sometimes you're nice, often you're not.. again I'm just speaking from experience and not through someone else's eyes.
I guess its at the point where you have to ask yourself. What exactly has some community's come to today? After talking to other community owners they said they haven't had this issue.
I'm confused by both the grammar and intent behind this bit-- other communities haven't had this member of this community voice an opinion shared by a large portion of this staff? ....I hope not, that'd be weird.
So then I ask myself, What has SOBS.ml administration come to today?.
Again, "this issue" seems like a personal beef between you and certain members of the community... the only reason it has developed onto a larger scale is because any discussion between these moderators and you has been met (from your side) with closed lips and a superiority complex.  Trust me, I get what it's like being older than most people here, but that doesn't mean that you've been part of our community longer, or that you're higher up on the totem pole than moderators who are younger than you.  
The real answer rely in the players on the community not someone who I've never really interacted with.
You should treat each member of this community (let alone staff members) with the respect and friendliness that you do when talking to an admin or the owner.
The answer also *lies in the way in which you interacted with and responded to these inquiries and issues that some people had with you... You felt no need to explain yourself, or apologize, or even talk about it.
Now ask your this, Would you trust a moderator on a server who is a convicted liar?
Would I trust someone who speaks on my behalf, and tells others that I know about and am OK with things that I'm not even aware of?
No, good point... I shouldn't trust a liar.  :rolleyes: 
I only tried to help the server instead someone's ego got ahold of them and pushed me away.
I'm sure you helped in some way, but it seems you also tried to help yourself by advertising your own server and exploiting the rules to your advantage when no higher-power was on to see.
What's so ironic about this is that yes, someone's ego got in the way... YOURS! If you could just have an open discussion with those voicing concerns, there would be less of an issue in the first place and maybe we wouldn't be here replying to what seems more like a cry for attention than a desire to resolve any issues.
Internet bully? It doesn't matter anymore after I heard they gave someone a ultimatum I took the bigger road.
All of this "they" and "someone" is really in poor taste-- don't talk about people behind their back, just talk to them or move on... are you really trying to resolve anything? By the way, let's all appreciate the ol' pat on the back you gave yourself here... thanks for being the bigger man and not posting something unnecessary that might start drama or prolong the issue. (also it's either "I was the bigger man" or "I took the high road" just saying)
Thanks for all the time. Overall I feel very confident I made sobs xDream a better place and I will still currently be able to do this. You don't need powers to help people that aren't understood. Commutation is key in life.
I think you mean communication, but the irony is too good xD...
You're right, you don't need powers to help people that aren't understood-- you just need to attempt to understand them better (you know, like if someone is skeptical about you and they reach out in an attempt to understand you better) It's kind of like you said in your application: "I'm a very mature gamer and take into consideration about each side of the story." It's a shame your actions didn't reflect your words.

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#3472 eXydos xDream resignation

Posted by opopp on 12 December 2016 - 09:41 PM

i like video games

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#2977 Finally Introducing Myself

Posted by fraze on 17 October 2016 - 10:06 PM

So then. Hello.

My names Jason, but you can call me fraze. I've been playing on the west coast surf combat server for quite a while now and have gotten rank 1 at the end of the month before. Although I try to be modest, I had to say that. I have been an admin on 2 other servers before, but got it taken away after one of the owners abused and banned all the admins. (sad right?) I do my best to be on the server all of the time to find people scripting, hacking, and simply being a retard. I usually give them warnings before I go and tell w0rks or grizz. Loving the community and I wish to be a part of it for a lot longer.


Best Regards,


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#569 Server Move Delayed

Posted by w0rks on 28 March 2016 - 02:37 AM

Hey everyone,

By the end of this month we were supposed to move to a full dedicated server in New York, however; a 10 day delay was recently added, which makes it impossible for us to move the server at the end of the month like we originally planned.

This means the server will remain in Chicago for one extra month and unfortunately a slightly delayed performance upgrade as well. This can mean a ping difference somewhere around 20ms for those who were located closer to our previous host. For the others, which isn't the majority, it means a better ping.

Other than this, everything is going great so don't worry. We open'd a few new servers as you guys can see in the group page and our community is growing faster than ever; we recently reached 1,000 members, so a big thanks to everyone who continues to make this community as awesome as it is!

Good vibes!
-The SOBS.ml Team

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#3516 Au Revoir

Posted by Namara624 on 18 December 2016 - 05:56 PM

I am deeply sorry it has come to this. i feel as if i am losing a family and many friends in the process of making this as well.  Au Revoir to all.I am resigning because lately playing on the servers as a moderator has made me feel like i am not having fun anymore. the things i had to deal with in the community and how people have seen me has changed drastically and has made me feel like i can not take it anymore. i feel like i want to go back to playing as a member of the community, as a player. i miss the old days were i can get on not worry about muting someone, not worry about gaging someone because of spam. banning someone for hacking or exploits. The drama that will not be talked about as well has mad me feel ill and sad that people can not act their age. i know i do not act my age sometimes and throughout my time being a moderator here i have done things way out of hand. i feel as if i am not motivated any more. Before i was into this, but now i do not want other people to suffer just because i cant do my job correctly. so leaving this server will help me and the server. me leaving does not change anything. This community has plenty of server staff more qualified than me and when i was given the role of Head Moderator i felt like the title should not belong to me. I do not  really know what else to say but Good Luck to this amazing community that has taught me many lessons. Again this was never because i felt the server has nothing else to give, its me not being motivated and i just want it to be like the old days were i can play and worry about my life and Friends. i had a good time here and i am sorry i had to go. i do not know how people will react to this and what ever you have to say you can say to me right here. thanks for the memories. 

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#3513 Never thought the day would come

Posted by GrizzlayBear on 18 December 2016 - 07:27 AM

I had a great time guys, I joined in early in the spring this year, loved w0rks and eventually became an Admin after a month. I helped raise this server, met a bunch of awesome people, and had great fun helping with the server issues. I’m leaving however, I'd like to focus on other things. Please keep this thread a happy one, I mean no drama here.


Hope to see you all around. I recommend MayMay’s as my replacement.

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#3235 The Staff

Posted by GrizzlayBear on 11 November 2016 - 08:38 PM

  • Promoted Brenda, IRIS, and Professionarwhal from Trial Moderator to Moderator 
  • Promoted DankMayMays from Moderator to Head Moderator
  • Promoted Namara from Moderator to Head Moderator

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#2998 About me

Posted by brenda on 18 October 2016 - 06:20 AM

What the, that's bm. I said hi too and don't even get a thanks. Racism
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#2039 Things That Would Need to be Coded?

Posted by w0rks on 25 July 2016 - 10:01 AM

Yeah. On all the servers you should get the plugin for credits. Every 5 minutes you get like 10 credits and evert kill is worth 2 credits. Adds hats and a lot more.


Lots of people just hate hats and custom models, especially the downloads that comes with them..

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#1800 Unfair ban resulted in because of shared IP??????????

Posted by SOAPBOX on 30 June 2016 - 05:59 PM

My brother was banned and a plugin detected that we have the same IP which resulted in a ban. w0rks then granted my appeal and immediately I was banned again(due to the plugin). I know that cra88y is aware of the exact details of what causes this problem and if anyone knows anything please let me know.

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#2980 More Moderators on West Coast

Posted by fraze on 17 October 2016 - 10:22 PM

I've seen that the amount of mods on west coast aren't high. I'm willing to take up on that position. Although there might be more qualified people, I'm on the server a lot of the times and do help people with problems that they face. 

One other suggestion is that there should be an easier way of transitioning from one map to another.

After an rtv, and the map is chosen, shouldn't it go to that map after the round ends instead of instantly changing. (just my opinion. don't bash on me)

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