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Dilbert's Ban Appeal

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Steam Id:



Ban URL:






Ban Type:




MayMay's said to perma mute you if you brought it back up


Why should your sanction be removed?

Because everyday I am on this server and if I don't get unmuted I will have not as much fun anymore and you will have one less player on your server and ill never mic spam or talk about anything like I did again.



Dilbert    confirm that everything I have written above has been verfied and is true. I know that any lie will result in a inabillity to post appeals in the future and possibly greater sanctions.          




    New Surfer

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That moment you put a threat in a ban appeal, (your name doesn't live up to what you say)



    Beach Lurker

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''never mic spamming'' you mic spam through your phone and get really salty with your friend snorlox i think this mute is good for the server.



    Beach Lurker

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All you were doing was mic/chat spamming. And you constantly do it, I get people asking me to come in and FIX YOU almost daily. If you love the server so much you can type to your friends while you play and think about how you should change your actions. Appeal again in 3-5 days and we'll see if your intents have changed.



    [Admin] Kazuna

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Many said you are very toxic and mic spams alot. When I came on today, I saw you typing in chat, I thought you were chill. But if we unmute you, I don't think the results will change that much. So please learn your lesson and reappeal in next 3-5 days. Just make another post like this and use the correct format you used in this appeal.



Ask me any questions! Feel free to message me.

Good Fun, Have Luck :^)

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